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Name:Mr. Nugraha [Marketing]
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Phone Number:(021)32760484
Tangerang 15810, Jawa Barat
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Registration Date:Jan. 19, 2008
Last Updated:Aug. 18, 2009
Business Nature:Trade of Agriculture category

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Flashback condition of Nusantara earth with the whim and the amount so large a number to reach 6.3 billion from the end of the Sabang to Merauke is one important responsibility of all parties to meet basic needs, especially concerning the subject of food security. With the natural resources that are so abundant that there is a main asset of basic citizens so that the relationship creates mutual dependence between human beings with nature. Or does not realize the natural environment in the era of millennium has been decreased from principle some important aspects of utilization due to an incorrect and without the concept of renewal / rejuvenation back. Some examples that can be perceived by some areas of the archipelago is the world such as:
1.Ecosystems destruction both land and water resulting from environmental pollution by factories and households.
2.Land productivity decreasing due to the level of fertility of the soil decreases.
3.Less of the productivity of some important commodities, which is the fulfillment of basic needs factor and the economic backbone of Indonesia.
4.Less of quality of some essential commodities due to the weakness of the system or procedure, from preparation of the cultivation, processing, treatment, post-harvest to harvest.
5.More difficulties of basic needs of marked with the high price of basic material needs of the archipelago due to imbalance between supply ( the provision) and demand ( demand) .
6.Raising dependence of the basic material needs to take / bring in from abroad because the country is not sufficient.

Departure of concern to the preservation of natural resources Nusantara, call the function again to return the land that has been damaged, attempts to push up productivity, essential commodities and strengthen food security efforts in the country, and to be guided back to the principles of natural synergy in creating a consistent supply for the archipelago, MITRATANI NUSANTARA was present to bring the mission and vision of the future in order to participate and contribute for prosperity of archipelago through the paper and the ideas in the distribution of products, superior archipelago. Provided with the expertise of appropriate technology and the environment are in the nature of waste that so abundant Nusantara has created products, agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry and organic high quality that are specific to the earth archipelago.

Create and provide services to the whole / entire archipelago farmers through fulfillment products, agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry and organic high quality.

Consistent with the concept back to nature, Mitra Tani Nusantara is the right choice as a partner for all the farmers in achieving the goal Nusantara Indonesia prosperous highway.

We distribute products of agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry and organic high quality in all parts of Indonesia.

Phase I development of distribution channels:
Include: Special Capital Region Jakarta, West Java, Central Java and East Java

Phase II development of distribution channels:
Include: Bali, Nusa Tenggara and Lampung.

Phase III development of distribution channels:
Include: Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi

Phase IV development of distribution channels:
Include: Area other than in the Nusantara region mentioned above.

Product Catalog


A. Agriculture Products
1.SNN ( Super Natural Nutrition) ; organic liquid fertilizer for all types of plants
2.SAN ( Sari Alam Nusantara) Plant; solid organic fertilizer for all types of plants
3.HortinD ( Zat stimulation grow plants) ; substance growing inducement for all types of plants
4.POP Kristal ( Organic Fertilizer solid Highest Quality) ; special mixed for ornamental plants
5.ASBUN ( Asri Bumi Nusantara) ; high-quality organic fertilizer special annual fruit crops
6.NAMIRA ( Anggrek Organic Liquid Nutrition) ; high-quality organic fertilizer specifically for orchids

B. Livestock products ( Feed Supplement)
1. Vital ( Natural Vitamin) ; special supplement for poultry and poultry
2. STOSA ( Livestock Supplements Natural Organic Selaras) ; special supplement for livestock ( cattle, sheep, horses, goats, etc.)

C. Fishery Products
1. SNN ( Super Natural Nutrition) Fisheries; liquid organic fertilizer for the pond shrimp, milkfish and land fishery
2. SAN ( Sari Alam Nusantara) Tambak; solid organic fertilizer for the pond shrimp, milkfish and land fishery

Superior products we are very suitable for you / you' re experiencing a stagnation in the achievement of harvest and you / you are experiencing a decline in the harvest of agriculture, livestock and fishery / pond due to the level of soil fertility which has been reduced, the accumulation in the chemical fertilizer long time in the land that makes the land poisoned, one of the fertilizer, supplements and vitamins and various other things that create a negative impact on the decline in land productivity and cultivation.

We invite you / relatives who are interested to prove the benefits of OUR PRODUCTS AND OR BUSINESS WITH US partner as AGENT / DISTRIBUTOR; CONTACT US at mitra.tani.nusantara@ gmail.com

The price that we display a quote in business ( catalog of products) while the consumer is the price for you / you are interested in becoming our distributors who have bid more interesting interesting. Info about the terms and conditions and the benefits of becoming a distributor you can visit our other website at

Major Products / Services
  • Produk Pupuk Organik Pertanian
    1) SNN (Super Natural Nutrition); pupuk organik cair untuk semua jenis tanaman semusim maupun tahunan

    2) SAN (Sari Alam Nusantara) Tanaman; pupuk organik padat untuk semua jenis tanaman semusim maupun tahunan

    3) HortinD (Zat Perangsang Tumbuh Tanaman); zat perangsang tumbuh untuk semua jenis tanaman

    4) POP KRISTAL (Pupuk Organik Padat Kualitas Tinggi); khusus diramu untuk tanaman hias dan bunga

    5) ASBUN (Asri Bumi Nusantara); pupuk organik berkualitas tinggi khusus tanaman buah musiman dan tahunan

    6) NAMIRA (Nutrisi Anggrek Organik Cair); pupuk organik berkualitas tinggi khusus untuk anggrek
  • Produk Suplemen Peternakan Organik
    1) VITAL (Vitamin Alami); suplemen khusus untuk unggas, ayam, itik dll

    2) STOSA (Suplemen Ternak Organik Selaras Alam); suplemen khusus untuk ternak besar: (sapi, domba, kuda, kambing dll)
  • Produk Perikanan Tambak dan Darat Organik
    1. SNN (Super Natural Nutrition) Perikanan; pupuk organik cair untuk tambak udang, bandeng dan perikanan darat

    2. SAN (Sari Alam Nusantara) Tambak; pupuk organik padat untuk tambak udang, bandeng dan perikanan darat

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