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Organic Fertilizer / Pupuk Organik MitraTani

NAMIRA ( Nutrisi Anggrek Organik Cair) ; pupuk organik berkualitas tinggi khusus untuk anggrek

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Pack. & Delivery:Botol Bersegel
Specification:NAMIRA for Orchid that nutrition is formulated from natural ingredients. Namira contain substances growing inducement to spur growth and development of ornamental plants, especially orchids plants. Namira is not harmful for human health and animals and safe for the environment.

Benefits / uses " Centers " Asbun to plant ornamental orchids:
A) stimulate the growth of shoots
B) stimulate and enhance flowering
C) Reduce the interest fall of
D) Improve the quality of the flower color
E) stimulate the growth of orchid roots epifite
F) Strengthen the stem and leaf ornamental orchid plants

Product is packed in the bottle be sealed with a volume of 100cc

Per Element of Nutrients
Contain substance grow stimulation ( Auksin, cytokinin and Gibberellin)

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Name:Mr. Nugraha [Marketing]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: sipathul@yahoo.com Y!: sipathul
Phone Number:(021)32760484
Tangerang 15810, Jawa Barat
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