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Pop Kristal ( Pupuk Organik Padat Kualitas Tinggi) ; khusus untuk tanaman hias dan bunga

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Specification:POP Crystal is a solid organic fertilizer formulated from animal waste and crop waste, waste of natural will decomposed by microorganisms and the complex compound in the form of soil solution / soil ready solution that is very useful for ornamental plants and flowers. Pop Kristal compound containing enzyme and hormone balance which is very useful for growing ornamental plants and flowers. Pop Kristal contain complete macro elements ( Nitorgen, Phospat, potassium) , micro elements complete, the organic acid is useful for the improvement of physical structures and land Thursday.

Benefits / uses " Centers " Pop Kristal against ornamental plants and flowers:
a) is intended to improve the physical structure and land Thursday
b) stimulate the growth of shoot, root, stem and flower and ornamental plant
c) Improve the quality of the display decorative plants and flowers in terms of the quality of the color of leaves, and flowers
d) Ability to maintain turgor ornamental plants and flowers so that the physical plant to be robust and strong
e) stimulate flowering ornamental plants and flowers

Product packaging in sachet be sealed with clean fill 100gr

Per Element of Nutrients
Macro: Nitrogen ( ± 20% ) ; Phospat ( ± 15% ) , potassium ( ± 20% )
Organic solid ( Contains micro elements complete) : ± 25%
Liquid Organic ( results of extraction micro-elements & contain full) : ± 6%
Acid-containing organic acid which is useful for the improvement of physical structures and land Thursday
Total Water ± 12%

Company Contact
Name:Mr. Nugraha [Marketing]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: sipathul@yahoo.com Y!: sipathul
Phone Number:(021)32760484
Tangerang 15810, Jawa Barat
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